Camera Microphone

Azden 310UDR Receiver/35BT Transmitter

  • Compatible with all video cameras available for checkout
  • Lapel and handheld microphones available 
Audio Out 3.5mm Mini-Jack Includes Azden 35BT Transmitter, Lapel Microphone, Shure SM58 HandHeld Microphone, Receiver Pack, Wireless XLR Transmitter, XLR M to 1/8in M Stereo Mini Cable and 1/8in M Stereo Mini to 1/8in M Mono Mini Cable
Frequency Range UHF 188 Frequencies
(566.125-589.875 MHz)
Loan Period 5 days
Batteries 6 AA
(5-6 hrs)
Product Documentation Quick Setup Guide
User Manual

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